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Technical Communications Manuals 

Data entry is an 'every business' activity

Data entry requirements for businesses are often onerous, distracting and stop staff from focusing on more high value activities. There are also those projects with heavy data entry requirements that sometimes stall because of a lack of data entry resources.


Asia Offshoring work with businesses to provide quality data entry services. Our team remove the need to complete data entry in-house, freeing staff up to add greater value in their functional areas. We offer high flexibility - increase or decrease data entry services as you need quickly

Data entry is always different

There are significant variations in the types of data entry activities that we do. Asia Offshoring are experienced at dealing with all types of data entry.


Research is an often overlooked but a critical component to data entry services. For example, Asia Offshoring recently completed a project where marketing contact data was required to be brought up to date. Because of the importance of research, we ensure our data entry team have excellent research skills - they understand the various research methods and research platforms available.

Database Creation and Management

Asia Offshoring create data bases for our clients so that they can effectively utilise their data. 

Data Entry Team

The Asia Offshoring Data Entry Team is a focused and experienced group, headed by Lorean (see pic below). With many of the larger projects, ensuring a clear and effective team process is critical to ensuring the data generated is correct and projects are completed in the shortest possible time.

Data Security

With all data entry projects, data security is fundamental. Asia Offshoring have completed numerous projects where data is highly sensitive, including medically-related patient details. We use strategies and secure applications to ensure high data security standards are complied with across all phases of the project.

Quality Assurance Program

We have a strong data entry QA program. In addition to staff implementing our in-house QA program, there are a series of quality checks during and at the end of the project, and the final QA check is conducted by our Australian management to ensure the work quality aligns with Australian standards.

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Data Entry and Research Manager

Technical Communications Documents


Technical communications documents such as 'user manuals' are utilised by nearly every organisation. They are time consuming to develop and, when processes are changed, require updating.


Asia Offshoring use a specialised application to create user manuals based on screen capture and data entry. The business processes can be provided to us as screen shots with accompanying hand writen notes, videos, audio files or process maps. We then create the documents and return the draft to you for review.


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Data entry case studies

From Index Cards to Spreadsheet

Lorean and her data entry team have just completed a project for a Melbourne client who maintained all his client information for the past 30 years on hand-written index cards. The client wanted the details on the 3000+ cards entered into a spreadsheet for easier access and they also wanted to verify the latest contact details for the client on each card. 

Influencer Contact Details

Delia, data entry team member, just completed a project for a client in Melbourne who has a new product. To promote the product, she developed a list of hundreds of bloggers and influencers to reach out to, but didn't have their contact details. Delia researched each, found their email/Twitter/Facebook handles and even quantified their following, allowing the client to rank the bloggers/influencers. Project completed on time and on budget!

A Campaign that was Overwhelming

Our clients ran a marketing campaign that was more successful than they expected.  In fact, they were so overwhelmed that the client data was located across a number of tools and spreadsheets. We were engaged to collate the data and build a single database to store all the data.

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Business Details

Vanessa, a Virtual Admin and member of the Data Entry team completed a project for a Melbourne law firm.

The project was focussed on collecting information from hundreds of businesses including location and contact details.

Online Store

Lorean, completed a project for a Sydney online business. The online store was wanting to identify persons within their high-end target market.  Information gathered included business type, business name, location, contact name and website.

Business Cards Holder to MailChimp

Lorean and her team completed a project for a client who wanted the details of his 840 business cards entered into MailChimp.

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