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Start-up services



Office services

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1. Opportunity evaluation/due diligence

Asia Offshoring have developed structured opportunity evaluation and due diligence services so that companies can build a detailed picture of the opportunity of utilising the Philippines as a low cost location that facilitates management to make informed decisions

2. Start-up services

Startups require unique low-cost services. Utilising Asia Offshoring's low-fee startup services significantly reduces cashflow burn by up to 70% and means startup work gets done by experienced focused staff.

3. Incorporation & Business Services

Company Incorporation 


Asia Offshoring provide incorporation advice and can complete the company incorporation.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services


Asia Offshoring currently provide bookkeeping and accounting services and offer those services to ensure clients comply with all Philippines’ regulatory and taxation requirements.


Please note...

  • Accountant is CPA registered/certified and highly experienced;

  • Fee is inclusive of lodgment at the BIR and other Philippine government agencies and meetings/work within the client as required; and

  • Asia Offshoring welcome the opportunity to complete all bookkeeping and accounting utilising the client bookkeeping/accounting platform, once selected and confirmed

4. Visas

Asia Offshoring provide the following business visa services:

- AEP & 9G

- Special Work Permit (SWP) 

- Provisional Work Permit (PWP) 

5. Office services

Just plug and play. Our office services include passive management of client staff, ergonomic chairs, large desks, high speed wifi and tea/coffee​. Our payment terms of monthly fees with no contract offer high flexibility - increase or decrease office seats as you need. 

6. Staffing services

Asia Offshoring is a provider of permanent, contract and temporary workers.


Provision of staff/Recruitment

If you’re not wanting to go down the formal recruitment path but require staff, we have a talent pool of staff we can provide from.

Advantages include:

  • Monthly fee:                Fee is monthly and there’s no start-up fee

  • Business continuity:   We train staff up and provide backup staff free of charge for those times when staff are on leave or staff resign


If you’re requiring formal recruitment, we follow a structured process that includes ongoing consultation and results in shortlisted candidates being provided to you to conduct final interviews.

Staff employment

If you already have staff, we can employ them on your behalf as:

  • Temporary

  • Part-time

  • Staff on a 6 month contract

  • Permanent full time


We invoice for each month of service and take care of all their employment needs including payment of government regulatory requirements including taxes and benefits.

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Case Study

A finance software company won a contract in the Philippines with a financial services company to provide implementation and ongoing management of their software. They engaged Asia Offshoring to provide them with the right personnel. Getting the right staff meant that the client only required a small team so staff costs were kept low and the client focus was on the project and not dealing with any staffing issues.

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