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Accounts Payable

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Finance, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Asia Offshoring provide a range of Accounting & Bookkeeping services.

We utilise qualified Accountants and experienced staff to deliver services to clients, globally, from Norway to Australia.

Financial Advisor

Finance Analysts

Asia Offshoring provide experienced and certified Financial Analysts to help you make business, sector and industry recommendations. 

Office Desk


Our bookkeeping staff have extensive experience across a range of platforms including Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks.

Accounting Tasks

Accounts Payable

Allow our highly experienced accounts payable staff to manage and do the leg work on your accounts payable program.

Data on a Touch Pad

January 14, 2017

Accounts Receiveable

Our Accounts Receivable staff are experts in managing and delivering the AP program.

Accountant at Work

January 14, 2017

Invoice Reconciliations

We currently provide invoice reconciliation services for systems that have automatic invoice capture.

Analyzing Data

January 14, 2017

Business Reporting

We have extensive experience in delivering customised business reporting.